Online purchase FAQ

It is best to buy tickets online in advance. If you decide to buy tickets on the spot, the price will be higher, and good tickets simply might no longer be available. Buying tickets online is a very time-saving and, at times, much more pleasant experience than purchasing on location - no need to wait in line at the ticket office and explain what it is exactly that you want, while online you can see the options and choose what works best for you without any rush.

Buying tickets online has some nuances to be aware of, but no need to be afraid of them. When you know what you want to buy, there are two possible options for how the tickets can be obtained. The easiest way is when you just print out a ticket upon payment online and take it with you, and nothing else needs to be done. But sometimes there is a different type of the delivery. You make the payment online, and the tickets will need to be picked up at the box office of the place where you are going. This is absolutely normal practice.

You will receive a confirmation voucher after you purchase a tour or show tickets online. Please exchange the voucher at the tour start or at the box office. All information such as the venue address, hours of operation and other important details are always included in the voucher.

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