Las Vegas hotels are much more than just a place to stay. Almost every hotel has some unique features it is proud of, for example, the Bellagio fountains or Luxor Las Vegas Sky Beam, to name a few.

Some important things to take into consideration:

  • most hotels have a casino, and there is no way to 'detour' it when you enter or leave a hotel - it does not mean you must gamble, but it is a gentle reminder you can always stop by

  • there are hotels that do not have a casino though, for example, Mandarin Oriental, Vdara or The Signature at MGM Grand

  • most hotels have huge territory and try to ensure they offer everything for their guests to stay without ever leaving a hotel: multiple restaurants, shows, spa, shopping etc. - it is convenient indeed

  • we encourage you to actually go out and explore some of the other hotels while you are in Las Vegas as they are all so different (except for casinos, but even these have some distinctive features and slightly differ from hotel to hotel).

Where to Stay
Where to Stay
Where to Stay