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Las Vegas is a show itself, but be sure to visit one or several of the unique nowhere-else-to be-seen performances. You no doubt will be impressed.

Impressive shows by Cirque du Soleil

Some are modern classics, like O or Zarkana. It is a combination of art, acrobatics, aquatic performances for some of the shows, and a guaranteed excitement of what a human body is capable of, where creative imagination brings show producers, what modern technology can achieve and how a combination of this creates a truly unique spectacular.


Las Vegas has become a frequent stage for some of the top performers like Celine Dion, Elton John and Britney Spears.

Shows to impress

Blue Man Group has been extremely popular, both in New York and Las Vegas, and if you haven't seen their performance earlier, be sure to visit it during your trip to Las Vegas. Blue Man Group has been in Las Vegas for years, but there are also other shows that run for several weeks or months. For example, David Copperfield or Chris Angel.

It is best to buy tickets online in advance. If you decide to buy tickets on the spot, the price will be higher, and good tickets simply might no longer be available, in fact some shows are sold out for months ahead. Buying tickets online is a very time-saving and, at times, much more pleasant experience than purchasing on location - no need to wait in line at the ticket office and explain what it is exactly that you want, while online you can see the options and choose what works best for you without any rush.

Most shows are 90 minutes long.

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Concerts in Las Vegas

Jan 26 19:00
Jan 28 19:00
Jan 29 19:00
Jan 31 19:00
Feb 01 19:00
Feb 14 20:00
Feb 15 20:00
Feb 19 19:00
Feb 20 18:30
Feb 22 19:30
Mar 08 19:00
Mar 09 19:30
Mar 13 19:00
Mar 18 19:30
Mar 20 19:30
Mar 21 19:30
Mar 21 20:00
Mar 25 19:30
Mar 27 19:30
Mar 28 19:30
Apr 11 19:00
Apr 17 19:30
May 01 17:30
May 02 21:00
May 13 19:00
May 15 19:00
May 16 19:00
May 17 19:00
May 20 19:00
May 22 19:00
May 23 19:00
May 24 19:00
May 25 18:30
Sep 13 20:00