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Las Vegas Online Travel Guide

Las Vegas is so much more than just gambling! Plan your visit and buy online everything for your trip to Las Vegas: learn about the best shows to see in Las Vegas, take a helicopter tour over the Strip and enjoy a flight to Grand Canyon, tour Las Vegas on a double-decker bus and see the city during the day and at night.

Explore the best places for shopping in Las Vegas - famous brands, boutique stores as well as outlets. Find out about the places to experience a culinary heaven - from burgers to masterpieces created by Michelin-star celebrity chefs.

Hotels in Las Vegas are more than just a place to stay - they deserve to be toured as attractions. Learn about hotels, and book the one that works best for you, but be sure to visit other hotels as most of them are truly unique: half-scale Eiffel tour, Statue of Liberty, Venetian gondolas and so much more. See how Las Vegas is changing, visit some of the newest and high-tech hotels like Aria and Vdara.

Las Vegas is truly one of a kind place. It is not only casinos that make it famous worldwide. Everything in Las Vegas is in a superlative degree and is worth visiting to be impressed by human talents and creativity.

Gambling is of course something that almost every visitor does - whether it is a visit specifically to spend time at casino hoping to win, or if it is just a curiosity thing with a minimum spend at the slots.

Las Vegas is also home to many conventions, events and business meetings. Millions of businessmen from around the globe gather in Las Vegas for conventions.