Canyon Spirit

Canyon Spirit

Start your adventure as you ascend from the Grand Canyon South Rim over the beautiful Kaibab National Forest, home to the world’s largest Ponderosa Pines. Upon reaching the edge of the Grand Canyon, the rim gently drops away as the North Rim and the eastern edge come into view. Your journey continues as you follow the Colorado River upstream with views of the Painted Desert and Desert View Watchtower in the distance. Pale blue water swirls into dark green where the Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers meet at the Confluence. Receive bird’s-eye views of Marble Canyon and Point Imperial as you fly through the canyon and climb above the North Rim. Enjoy the beauty and mystique of the Dragon Corridor, the widest and deepest portion of the Grand Canyon. Conclude your flight as you cross over the Colorado River and depart the Grand Canyon. The Canyon Spirit excursion lasts approximately 45-50 minutes.

Policies and Terms

Prices are per person.

Prices and schedules are subject to change without notice. Excursions require a minimum number of passengers to operate; flights of different lengths may be combined and all times are approximate. The maximum weight limit for a helicopter passenger is 300 lbs.(137 kg); while the total passenger weight on a helicopter may not exceed 1,250 lbs. (567 kg) for seven passengers. Guests over the weight limit will be required to purchase two seats. Children over 2 years of age will be required to purchase a seat. All sales final. No refunds.





Canyon Spirit